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Construction Services



MCSI has become a leader in the construction industry by developing and employing an experienced workforce, an innovative approach to management and advanced control systems. We have a vast equipment capabilities, bonding capacity and a superior safety record. Our construction processes provide well-managed projects, completed on time and within budget.

Each project has unique characteristics and challenges. Communication – with customers, team members and subcontractors - is key to our success. We successfully execute and deliver projects by working closely with customers and project team members. Seasoned veterans who have successfully managed countless projects through every phase of construction lead our experienced project teams. MCSI offers established subcontractor relationships and in-house expertise. Cost control and strict delivery schedules make for an overall savings to our clients.



MCSI’s processes enable us to seamlessly transition from the engineering to the construction phase of each project. Our approach ensures projects are completed on time and within budget, and mitigates unnecessary customer risk. We have the solid experience with strategic engineering partnerships and the tools, processes and experience to effectively manage all aspects of design, construction, procurement and project turnover.

Because MCSI approaches each project with a successful turnover as our ultimate goal, everyone involved – from the project team to the customer to the architect / engineering - has a clear understanding of the project’s scope and objectives. Our innovative execution processes, project control systems, construction turnover programs and document control systems are tailored to fit customers’ needs and ensure streamlined communication.

Reliability and Maintenance


MCSI's Industrial Services Division offers a complete array of construction, reliability, maintenance, shutdown / outage, technical, consulting and plant support services. We currently perform services nationwide with four locations to serve our customers' locations.

MCSI’s objective is to lower our customers’ total cost of ownership and operation. We achieve that goal by working with each client’s people and processes to provide technologies, management, direct resources and work processes that optimize maintenance and capital programs. We use rigorous internal and external performance measures, aggressive goal setting, and innovative performance-based contracting strategies to customize relationships. These relationships deliver validated, world-class results.

Our customers frequently ask us to establish a service team flexible enough to perform and optimize reliability and maintenance, repairs, small capital projects, shutdowns / outages, warehouse / store support, and tool and equipment management. We do so in a work environment customized to meet plant expectations and requirements. We support these services with the processes, people and management that deliver safe, productive, cost-effective schedule compliance and quality.



Our experience affords us a keen understanding of operating facilities and every aspect necessary for a successful turnaround, including preserving product output, effective communication, plant safety, industrial hygiene and environmental integrity.

One key to MCSI’s success is our Turnaround Excellence Guidelines, which detail our proven turnaround processes. These resources evolve as the industry changes. Our Turnaround Guidelines detail everything from building the right team to scope identification, budget development, planning, scheduling and execution.

And, as always, another key to our success is our people. MCSI's company-wide turnaround employment database tracks and provides informed, rapid access to more than 8,000 seasoned employees who specialize in turnarounds, giving us the processes to manage turnarounds and to staff them effectively.

Program/Project Management


MCSI's experienced project personnel, analytical tools, and our application of best practices based on real-world experiences are just some of the ways we distinguish ourselves. We maximize clients' resources by efficiently procuring labor, materials and equipment. Our systems and proven processes ensure the cost-effective coordination of planning, design, estimating, contracting and construction.

In addition to program and project management, we manage construction, design, procurement, logistics, start-up and commissioning, turnaround and maintenance. The results are better-managed projects, a reduction in unnecessary expenditures, shorter schedules and marked improvement in quality and safety performance.



MCSI is a wholly USA owned third party procurement company, offering more than 40 years in materials management, procurement, and logistics for clients in manufacturing, oil & gas, Biomass, power generation and mining.

Located in Houston, Texas our team of purchasing and logistics professionals work with our network of over agents around the world to offer materials management alternatives across the spectrum. Procurement includes daily purchased transactions to fully outsourced projects and turnarounds.

Supported by a global freight forwarding company, MCSI also offers cargo services: Known Shipper site re-verifications, cargo pre-inspections, damaged cargo surveys and more. MCSI will support clients individually to meet their materials management challenges.



Every day, at every jobsite, MCSI provides a safe workplace for each of our employees. We accomplish this through industry-leading safety processes and systems, and a corporate culture that places safety first. But beyond our culture and our processes, MCSI creates and maintains safe workplaces by focusing on the individual and demonstrating genuine care for the health and welfare of each and every craft and technical employee.

Our culture promotes teamwork, genuine trust, and a passion for safety that is integrated with systems, processes, technology, and education in the safe operation of our equipment. This approach fosters a pervasive safety program that is best in class. The result is a solid safety culture. Our goal is knowing that we continually create a unique environment that our employees can depend on to keep them safe and injury-free.